Check out the latest luxury trends for high-end homes

    Home is the preferred living space for most individuals and families. It is therefore very important to arrange it correctly, your life will only be better. We’re not just talking about Feng Shui here but also upgrades from high end to high end homes. Don’t be sorry, with an average budget and good ideas, you can also enhance your environment and your daily life.

    So many ideas for your home !

    Now let’s talk about money:

    On, you’ll find some good ideas :

    • A countertop oven that cooks with the speed of Light for 1095 $
    • A television that transforms into artwork whan you are not watching for 2000 $
    • A robotic vacuum that empties itself for 1100 $
    • A Smart Mug that keeps your coffee hot all day long for 100 $
    • A clock from the father of Mid-Century Modern Design for 515 $
    • Everyone’s favorite bluetooth speaker — built for when you’re on-the-go for 389 $
    • A virtual Google Assistant & A tablet In Onefor 129 $
    • A crystal-Clear projector that fits In your pocket for 200 $
    • A top-rated sous-vide cooker for perfect meals for 249 $
    • A reliable key tracker that works backwards to find your phone for 35 $
    • An appliance that identifies, cools, preserves, and serves your wine for 2499 $
    • A gas-powered oven for delicious outdoor pizza for 16499 $
    • A wireless charging hub for your iPhone, AirPods, & Apple Watchfor 28 $
    • A Small WiFi router that makes a big difference for 29 $
    • A 4-In-1 coffee maker for delicious brew for 245 $
    • This Smart thermostat that learns your temperature preferences for 214 $
    • Make a statement with modular light pieces for 200 $
    • These gorgeous bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation for 462 $
    • This gadget that aerates & purifies your favorite wine for 63 $

    If you want to enhance your home with a home automation system, it will cost you between $ 6,000 and $ 25,000 depending on the products, services and companies.

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