Wondering what’s new in the Android 11 and what are the differences with Q V.10 ? Check it out here!

    Android is a mobile Operating System or mobile OS and a modified version of LINUX, another well-known OS. It has been designed especially for mobile devises.

    Android 10 (named Q in 2019) id the tenth major release of Android and its 17th version.

    ANDROID THE small robot on smartphones and tablets !

    The version Q supported Google Pixel Devices and other devices.

    In Android 11, the 18th version, the system changes. There are now 3 notifications categories : Conversations, Alerting and Silent. It applies on any app where you are directlty communicating with someone else.

    You can also prioritize conversations and apps.

    Google has designed Android 11 to be all about communication with new important features in chat apps and in conversation related systems.

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