Value of Martial Arts

    First of all, I think personal combat is the most important in Martial Arts.

    But first, let’s talk about the value of a fight in common sense and then about the personal fight:
    In common sense and for many, value can refer to the value in the ring or to the quality of techniques and the results.
    The price paid to the fighter in a ring or a “tatami” can range from $ 10,000 to several million dollars per fight depending on the value of the fighters without counting the indirect incomes.
    The quality of the techniques is a more subjective value but it is also linked to the results.

    But in my opinion, the most important is personal combat in the practice of martial arts: prolonging your life, improving your health, avoiding lesions, reducing stress, improving relaxation, building a mind to overcome life tests…
    With practice and experience, the adversary also becomes a participant in its own development; the techniques become more respectful of others and their integrity and the search for efficiency requires dialogue, reading the other and especially the peaceful resolution of the conflict.
    The “do” ou “tao” asserts itself and traces the path of the practitioner and forges his principles towards more understanding and therefore efficiency.

    PS : The techniques also become sometimes more hidden or even secret and linked to the personality of the practitioner. The visible facade is therefore often an “estimate” of the practitioner.

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