Some global warming solutions

    In this period of uncertainty and far from previous doubts, we can now affirm that global warming is a reality with an estimated average increase of 2.5° – 3° by 2050 if nothing has been done since now…
    This leads to more extreme climatic events than before: heat waves, droughts, floods, storms… However, the solutions still exist…
    Personally, I will remember a few:

    • Change in consumption patterns, more respectful of the environment
    • Gradual cessation of land fragmentation
    • change in production and transport methods that are also more environment friendly
    • More frequent use of recycling
    • Greener urban environments
    • Progressive reforestation of drylands and others
    • Desalization of water from the seas and oceans and recourse to more regular irrigation
    • Better respect water cycles
    • Stopping massive deforestation and better forest management
    • Reduction of inequalities in terms of income and access to health care among the poorest populations

    Here are some ideas that are not meaningless, I hope…

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