IQ, EQ, SQ

    IQ or intelligence quotient is the ratio of mental age to biological age multiplied by 100. For example, an 18 year old adult with a mental age of 27 would have 150 IQ. But is this is not enough and how do some smarter people do less well than others who are less?
    Emotional intelligence (EQ) was therefore introduced to extract value from our ability to make the best use of our emotions and intuition in life. The questionnaires are designed with series of questions leaving the respondent to follow its intuition. Here, the verb is very important in the questions.
    But is it enough? The Versatile emotions are also sources sometimes of suffering and contrary to the notion of detachment for example (in some Asian Religions for example). Personally, it would perhaps be necessary to introduce the notion of Spiritual Intelligence as well, for example, and I go forward a lot, that could be the relationship between the different stages of life and the misunderstood realization of well-being at these different stages and then we could apply a average with the age. It would also be necessary to know what the misunderstood term means … In another order of ideas, calculations of National well-being have among other things been used in Bhutan. The Gross National Happiness expresses the well-being and happiness of the people of the country.
    I am move forward very hard here in terms of the calculation of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ for example) and it is above all in the order of the intuitive reasoning … !

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