Taichichuan Courses

    Regular classes are given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. they alternate :

    • Posture and movement
    • Chi Gong

    They are thought and breath exercises to build the Taichi body.

    It ranges from quiet, meditative sitting to relaxing on the floor, from still posture to walking and conquering space.

    By combining stretching, toning, postural awareness and movement analysis exercises.

    The energy recipe is in the unifying trilogy the mind, the breath and the body in search of coherence to live fully at home.

    Intention, feeling and breathing energize each other in the unified gesture.

    The dynamic, conscious breath is the central motor for activating the cogs (chacras) that make the integrated body.

    Forms or choreographies are kinds of conservatory to explore and bring to life by gradually moving from mastery to interpretation.

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