Societal Taichichuan

    A useful martial art ! TaijiQuan a martial art useful to society?

    With this spirit and in the context of soft totalitarianism that we know, we could put these qualities at the service of the emergence of a more desirable society. It is not easy to identify the adversary behind the many facets of the domination of money, of which the political, administrative and media powers are most often the servants.

    Fortunately, wise, enthusiastic, well-informed and competent observers are helping us (Independent Scientific Council, Reinfocovid, France soir, sud radio, IHU, reaction 19 and many others listed on …). This allows us to become aware of and better see the variations on the theme of alienation and domination that are inflicted on us. What to do if not activate in oneself these taijiquan qualities developed by solitary and united practice, alone and in a group ?

    Resilience, robustness and flexibility are one of them to have confidence, to support the situation and to keep its resolutions towards a more livable society. Straightening, postural alignment and breath dynamics are another, to keep your head up and breathe the nobility of the feelings that drive us. Relaxation and clarity of mind yet another, so as not to tighten up on constraint and remain available for analysis and choice of solutions. Finally comes the art of relating, the availability and listening to the other, the ability to feel and sense the coming gesture and to produce the appropriate response, strategy and diplomacy. May our taijiquan practice motivate us to participate in the society that we want to see happen ! A peaceful fight where our words, our attitudes and our actions arouse respect (sometimes animosity), cultivate links and create better living together.

    Jean Luc Perot October 2021

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