Selfishness vs Altruism in life

    Altruism represents a disinterested concern for the good of others” (Sources: Larousse Dictionnary)

    Egoism is an excessive attachment to oneself and to one’s interests, with disregard for the interests of others” (Sources: Larousse Dictionnary)

    For many of us, altruism takes precedence over selfishness and is a primary virtue in life.

    Personally, I prefer the idea of ​​responsible “egoisme” (ego + is + me), a sort of mix between the two concepts defined above.

    Here are the reasons that lead me to choose this variation of selfishness and altruism because anyway, it’s a progress towards real altruism:

    • Many people love altruism and people who give themselves entirely to it; however, in their daily life, selfish reflexes return at a gallop and manage their life.
    • In the economical macrocosm, many companies or organisations put forward this virtue but in fact, the figures predominate and the individual does not really exist!
    • Copying is very present in our society, in the name of their own egoism, some people exploit the ideas of others without any other form of thank you.

    It is therefore very important to protect yourself from these false realities. Today, real altruism is very rare and this notion sells! Selfishness therefore uses altruism in a way and altruism is relegated to the rank of “Bon chic, bon genre” in its theoretical cage.

    I won’t develop the idea of selectivity here but that concept is linked to altruism and selfishment in some forms and in some environments…

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