Money and Environment

    In a world that has become more dangerous for freedom of expression, even in our developped countries; it is therefore important to focus the debate around more objectivity to find solutions to major societal problems.

    Concerning environmental concern, currently, society of men and women follows one rhythm and the environment follows another. It is urgent to act now and not tomorrow! In my opinion, the existing structures must adapt to their “container” and not the other way around. And there is nothing more dangerous than anarchy in the current configuration.

    We can talk about money too; the latter must constitute a means of participating in his personal development rather than an end in itself. Recreating a healthy environment also means giving meaning to money in all its forms. Indeed, consuming and investing in a world that has become trash is not very pleasant.

    The structures must therefore adapt accordingly to their “container” and restore fundamental values ​​such as freedom of expression and they must give a meaning to the means of expression of these values.

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