The Break Point

    Imagine you live on a planet with an area of ​​510.1 million square km as the books and media say. This planet is called Earth.

    Imagine 8 billion inhabitants on this still beautiful planet in 2030 or 7 or t(7) on the graph below.

    In 0 or t (0), we were in 1850, the produced quantities of goods (in Orange) have satisfied the needs of the populations (in Blue) until 2060 (8 or t(8)). Let’s say that this was globally the case despite some differences that we do not show here.

    However, in 2030, the earth’s resources began to run out.

    From 2030 to 2060, productivity efforts still made it possible to satisfy the still growing populations and then, suddenly, from 2060 to 2090, production decreases and people start to feel hungry and the movement is growing, population suffered a break point.

    There has indeed been a reduction in the number of bees on this planet, a series of major droughts and others. And the movement will unfortunately increase from 2090 to 2150. It is very unpleasant to be hungry, to suffer from heat or cold … Personally, I will probably no longer be there …

    Let us simply act for others and now!

    Quantity in time
    Quantity in time

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