Military talks about UFO

    US Intelligence is finally talking about UFOs in a more direct way.

    First of all, what is a UFO? A UFO is an “Unidentified Flying Object”.

    According to, “2020 produced 7,200 UFO’s, an increase of over 1000 from 2019”.

    Many of these objects are usually just lights or reflections produced in the sky. However, there are truly undentified cases. I don’t have the exact statistics here; moreover, it is very hard to find!

    The question of whether we are alone in the Universe, in our galaxy, or even in the Solar System is posed.

    Finally, according to our science, life is based on water (H2O) and carbon. I am not a specialist in organic chemistry here but would life be based only on these 2 main elements? Let us take silicon or others, certainly less favorable on our planet with its own physical conditions but perhaps more adequate in other conditions.

    Anyway, UFOs are hells of a pain in the ass that keep society from running “normally”!

    Finally and personally, I believe that we are not the only species which has reached at least this technological threshold! It’s my choice !

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