Deep learning and AI, the basis

    AlphaGo’s victory over the best Go player in history leaves us perplexed about the future of artificial intelligence.

    We will not discuss neural networks or graph theory here.

    First of all, you have to know that a computer does not think today.

    By following the next diagram the question arises of what happens between 2 values ​​(The input values ​​- IN and the Output values ​​- OUT). In the middle, there is, let’s say a box, the calculation.

    For example, X represents the starting value (IN) and Y the output value (OUT). First let’s write Y = f (X) or Y = (???) – f is a mathematical function; f (X) is therefore unknown for the moment. Let’s just say that the relation could be a linear relation like this: Y = aX where X and Y are known here; stay here in this very simple relation to find the value of multiplier a …

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