Jacques through NDE Experience

    Mr Jacques was my friend and he died a few months ago.

    Here is one of its last E-Mail to me in 2021 :

    He died anonymously (or nearly) a few months ago…

    I received permission from himself to talk about his vision and a little about his book: “the Key of life”.

    First of all, a NDE is a “Near Death Experience”, I advice you to read Dr Moody Books about the topics.

    Some questions arise from its book :

    What is the truth?

    Which worldview is the right one?

    Who is right and who is wrong?

    The only thing that matters is staying true to yourself!

    He dedicated his book to “the being of light” who saved him and who guided him until his death.

    It should be noted that he was not interested in the business world which he considered too harsh, even ruthless in some cases.

    PS : His book is anymore on the book market !

    Jacques key life
    Jacques key life


    To close the reference to Jacques: what he thought of me …

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